Recipient Testimonials

To all concerned,
I would like to give my recommendation to all those who wish to donate to the Yesod Yosef organization, which provides help to distressed families in the holy city of Tzfat, where all donations donated go 100% directly to those in need. All who work in the organization, work completely voluntarily with no payment. I myself was supported by this organization for a substantial amount of time (over a year). I also helped out the organization for a long time to distribute money to poor families. For over a year I would personally transfer envelopes to more than 10 families every Thursday with 100 shekel per family for purchasing Shabbos groceries. This would total up to a few thousand shekalim every month. I saw how much the organization helped these families who really needed this money to buy food for the holy Shabbos. Similarly before the holidays I would distribute larger sums (few hundred shekel) to each family.Therefore whoever wants to merit the Mitzvah of Tzedaka to worthy and G-D fearing poor people, it is good for him to donate to this organization since all the money that he is donating, 100% of it will reach the Tzedaka without any commissions being removed on the way.

Family of 3, Tsfat (Currently living in Jerusalem)

Pending translation

Family of 5, Tsfat (Currently living in Bet-Shemesh)
BS”D            26th of Kislev 5778

Dear Yesod Yosef Fund!

Thank you very much for the long time period that you have been assisting us each Shabbos and Holiday, also on Chanuka with gifts for the kids, that makes them so happy. Beyond this, you helped me greatly when you donated $1000 for a treatment for my diabetes, from which I have suffered from for many years and this treatment greatly improved my physical health.

Because of the Shabbos donations my husband has more energy and time to spend serving Hashem and doing Kiruv. Your donations greatly help our household since I suffer from the diabetes sickness and from a neurological condition in my back, obligating my husband to help around the house much more than is needed in the average home, this gives him energy to help in the home and to B”H raise our five boys.

We also consider it a big merit for us that my husband helps Yesod Yosef distribute each Thursday charity for Shabbos to another few families. The Righteous and the Charity should spread its wings upon you, to save you from all evil and to bless you with all good.

Much blessing and thanks,
Family of Seven, Tzfat

15th of Teves 5778

I would like to thank Hashem and the organization “Yesod Yosef” that merited to make joyous, my family of 6 children with toys for the kids during the holiday of Chanuka and also for their assistance with Shabbos and Holiday expenses. Hashem should pay their reward and merit them to bring their plans into actual action, to help and make joyous many Jews, in merit of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov – the flowing stream sourcing wisdom.

Family of Eight, Tzfat

Dear ‘Yesod Yosef’ Organization,

I would like to express my thanks to this wonderful organization that helped me progress with my business of drumming at Simchas and events, for giving me a loan for the needed equipment + a donation to the business + help for Holidays and Shabbatot. The organization does real Holy Work according to my opinion and I will be happy to hear that it continues and grows and helps other individuals like myself.

Family of Seven, Tzfat

My name is ——— ———– I live in the holy city of Tzfat but didn’t grow up here. I was raised in a secular upper middle class family and town in the suburbs of NY. After a long and beautiful path of exploration guided by Hashem’s Chesed I became a ‘baal Teshuva’.

Today I have the zchut to sit and learn in kolel and try to make up the many years of lost time in the service of Hashem.

I have no material complaints but on a practical level when there just isn’t a way for me to make our Shabos grocery shopping, the help and generosity of the ‘Yesod Yosef’ organization it truly felt.

Be it on Friday for Shabbos or help on the holidays, or chanaka to buy a small gift for my 5 blessed kids.

Especially the humility in which the financial help is given is heart warming and the fact that together with the donation we get a list of the worthy donors which my wife and I pray for and get to feel like we are giving back as well.

For this I wish to thank you and bless you with all the Blessings.

Family of Seven, Tzfat
30th of Shevat 5778


Dear prestigious charity organization,

We thank you for your wonderful kindness
in giving money in honor of the Holy Shabbos
and for the holy Holidays.

You have no idea how much this helps us
and it makes us very joyous!

May a blessing from Heaven be placed on you for all the generosity of your hearts
and you should merit great abundance from Above.

With blessing from the ——–

Family Family of Twelve, Tzfat

Dear Yesod Yosef Organization

We —— ——– ———– have been receiving from you in recent years each Shabbos, 100 shekels for Shabbos expenses and also during holidays. You also assisted us once with a tuition payment for our son’s school. We wanted to thank you for this from our heart. This charity really helps us and provides us strength. 

We are a family that lives simply. My husband serves Hashem and works with the printing of the books of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, for the merit of the public, on a volunteer basis and we are not supported by this rather it is all done for the sake of Heaven and for hastening the Redemption.

Similarly during the last Pesach, we received assistance from you (after we were unsuccessful in getting registered for the Pesach Gemach for the residents of Tzfat) and you made our hearts very joyous when you responded to our plea and gave us a large donation of 600 shekel that helped us very much to fulfill the holiday and buy necessities for the night of Seder. 

We are a family with six kids, who should remain healthy and a lot of expenses; rent of home, school tuition, school transportation, Shabbosim, etc….. great expenses. 

This literately gives us strength to continue in our holy work, serving Hashem of my husband and raising the kids.

Hashem should bless you, we try to pray and mention your names each and every time. You should merit satisfaction and health, faith, holiness and all salvations. 

 A very big thanks,
Family of Eight, Meron
25 of Tishray 5778


Dear donor of Yesod Yosef

We would like to thank you for your great assistance for each Shabbos and Shabbos. Through this you bring happiness to us and our children. We are truly a family that has nothing and each we it is a brand new salvation.

You should be blessed from the Mouth of the One Above and Hashem should rain upon you great abundance, blessing, success, health and happiness.

Fortunate is the Jewish Nation that has individuals like you.

Thanks you very much,
Family of Six, Tzfat

25th of Tishrai

We the ——– family
are parents to 9 children

We would like to say Thank You for your donations and help on each Shabbos and Shabbos and holidays. Your assistance really helps us. Therefore we will say Thank You a second time.

Have a great year, good health, nachas, productivity and much joy.

Hashem who is Good will compensate your efforts with goodness and niceness.

Family of Eleven, Tzfat
Pending Translation

Erev Shabbes Parshas Chayei Sara.

In honor of the beloved “Yesod Yosef” Organization!

We are the ——- family from Tsfat, wish to thank you for the financial help in honor of the holy Shabbes, that always, always helps us enjoy the Shabbes with more good things.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you guys for the financial assistance during the Holiday [especially Chanuka] with which we were able to buy games for our kids to play with, which we could not afford. They and us are very happy from this. They enjoy playing – and we enjoy watching them being happy.

May Hashem grant you all that your hearts desire, for the best, so you can serve Hashem.

May He add and give you from His wide open hand a thousand-fold!

May the merit of the Holy Tzadik Rabbi Nachman Ben Faiga guard and protect you always!!!

Family of Ten, Tzfat

In honor of the Yesod Yosef Organization

Our intent in sharing this humble letter, is to thank you for every Shabbes and holiday that your help brought great joy to us and our children.

Thank you for all the times we called and requested assistance and you provided.

Blessed is Hashem, we see that all of your efforts are for the sake of Heaven and that your help reaches out to every circle no matter who it may be.

Thank you very much, may your efforts be strengthened and may you merit heavenly assistance in all that you do.

With great appreciation
Family of 11 Tsfat.


We are a family of eleven souls in a very tough financial state.

I would like to praise the Yesod Yosef organization that helps and supports tens of families in honor of Shabbos, holidays and all sorts of crisis cases. 

All the donations reach the families. This is 100% charity.

All the families are Bnei Torah and G-D fearing.

Thanks to Hashem,
Family of Eleven, Tzfat

I used to live in Tsfat, and this Tzedakah organization (Yesod Yosef) helped me a lot for every shabbos.

I must say that it was a great salvation for us, and the organization does this all out of great love.

Thank You Very Much.

May you have great salvation,
and strength to keep doing many more mitzvot.

Family of 5, Tsfat 
(Currently living in Bet-Shemesh)