To whom it may concern,


Tzfat is historically known as one of the four spiritual and holy cities of our Nation.

The Yesod Yosef fund has been helping the poor of Tzfat for years, specifically families that are not affiliated with any organized community who have nowhere to turn in time of need. They run a number of important programs including Shabbos and Holiday distributions, emergency assistance, interest free loan gemach and a financial recovery program.

Yesod Yosef is operated by volunteers and all donations are completely distributed to the poor. I have personally sat with their director who showed me the details of how they work and operate.

I would like to highly recommend the Yesof Yosef Fund to all potential donors. It can be assured that the merit of the Holy Arizal, Rabbi Yosef Karo and all the many other saintly Rabbis who lived in Tzfat will stand for those who assist the poor families of our city.

Eliezer Lazar - Deputy Mayor City of Tsfat 

Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5780

To whom it may concern,

Regarding: Yesod Yosef Charity Fund

The Yesod Yosef Charity Fund has been operating in the City of Tzfat for the past 13 years. Yesod Yosef specifically focuses on helping families that are not affiliated with any established community and have nowhere to turn at time of need. Workers in the organization, operate on a completely volunteer basis and all donations go directly to needy families. 

Yesod Yosef Fund Programs Include:

  • Shabbos Distribution - Providing money to poor families who can not afford Shabbos meals.Holiday 
  • Help - Helping needy families with additional Pesach and Sukot holiday expenses.
  • Crisis Rescue - Monetary rescue during emergency situations and extreme circumstances.
  • Loan Gemach - Donations constantly recycled to provide small interest free loans.
  • Mazel Tov Support - Assisted coverage for the expenses of Brisim, Bar Mitzvos & weddings.
  • Matanos Levyonim - Charity distributed on Purim day to needy families.
  • Tuition Scholarships - Funding Torah education of children from struggling families.
  • Financial Recovery - Helping individuals get to a point where they no longer require Tzedaka.
I know the founder of the organization and testify upon him that he operates with honesty and is G-D fearing.

I would like to request from anyone who has the ability to assist, to donate as much as possible for this important cause.

May you merit with the help of Hashem, to always be from the givers and not from the needy.

Yisroel Meir Swerbldov
Vice Mayor City of Tsfat 

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Rabbi Dov Kaplan

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 Rabbi Yosef Trachman

Dear donors of the Yesod Yosef Organization;I would like to testify as the principal of the Netzach Yisroel Cheder of Tzfat that numerous times I have been witness to the charitable activities of the Yesod Yosef Fund. Many of the parent body of our school were helped numerous times by “Yesod Yosef”. I have seen Yesod Yosef help out many of the families with Shabbos and Holiday distributions, interest free loans and with tuition payments for their children. I personally know the director of the organization and highly recommend donating to this important cause, where all funds are distributed totally and directly to poor families.

Tzachi Denis, Principle of Netzach Israel School, Tsfat