About the Yesod Yosef Fund
Yesod Yosef was created in 2004 with goal of establishing a Tzedaka fund where 100% of donations made would go directly to poor families. There would be no fundraiser commissions, salaries or administration fees. Every penny donated (other than what is lost in the withdrawal and exchange to shekalim) is distributed. Since its start B”H we have kept the above, all work was done by volunteers and all external expenses were covered by private donors.

Yesod Yosef tries to lessen the suffering of as many families and individuals as possible. In certain cases Yesod Yosef aims to bring individuals to the point where they no longer need to accept charity. Yesod Yosef tries distributing to worthy families that are often not affiliated with any set community or organizations and are therefore not receiving the assistance that others are.

There are many reasons why families can be poverty stricken in Eretz Yisroel. Certain cities such as Tzfas have a very limited job market. There might be health problems or other obstacles that prevent a person from working. It could be that they do work but their meager salary is not enough to pay the bills and food expenses of their large family.

Decisions regarding distributions and eligibility are made by a panel of three, allowing for debate and additional opinions. Yesod Yosef is an official non profit and all donations are tax deductible.
Visit Us
If you are ever visiting Tzfat, let us know and one of our representatives will be happy to meet you and explain our programs in detail.