Financial Recovery
Help People to Not Need Tzedaka
Yesod Yosef Financial Recovery
The real goal of all Tzedaka is to get an individual to the point that he will no longer need to receive Tzedaka. While this is often not possible, in the cases where it is, Yesod Yosef will work with the individual to try to raise him from his current situation so he can become self dependent. On a different angle, Yesod Yosef will work with families to attain for them Government or organization funding that they they might be eligible to receive but do not have the resources to do it themselves.

This is a very specialized program that strongly differs from case to case. Financial Recovery grants are not given from the regular Yesod Yosef fund but rather from specific donors that want to go above and beyond the basic commandment of providing Tzedaka.
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