Pesach Campaign 5784 - Matched X2

Help 72 poor families in Tzfat for Pesach. Your donation will be matched X2 by Tova Uvracha.
For each $100 donated, $300 will be distributed to poor families.

Pesach Campaign 5784 - Matched X2
As we near Pesach the expenses start piling up. Think about all the extra money needed for cleaning, buying Matzos, Holiday meals and everything else that comes along with Pesach. It has long been a tradition in Jewish communities to donate Maos Chitim and provide help to families that can not afford Pesach expenses. Yesod Yosef distributes 100% of these funds directly to poor families in Eretz Yisroel who are in a constant financial struggle and are definitely needier around Pesach time. Donate... Read More

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