Chanukah 5784 - Matched - Gifts For Poor Children

Give the Light of Chanukah to Poor Children - All donations will be doubled Liluy Nishmas: Shlomo Ben Yaakov Shalom

Chanukah 5784 - Matched - Gifts For Poor Children
Chanuka is a time of great joy for children who receive all sorts of gifts and presents. However for children from poor families, whose parents can not afford to buy them presents, it is a time of darkness, sadness and embarrassment. Help Yesod Yosef provide Chanuka presents to children from needy families in the Tzfat - Meron area. As usual 100% of donations will be distributed.This Year We Are Distributing Quality Jewish Comic Books$7 = 1 Kid$28 = 4 Kids$70 = 10 Kids$125 = 25 Kids$700 = 100 Ki... Read More

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